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Our Services

Deep Cleaning/First Time Clean

The Deep Cleaning Package is our most thorough cleaning service. The main difference between the Deep Cleaning and our other packages is the amount of time and detail we spend cleaning what we refer to as vertical surfaces. This includes baseboards, window blinds, exterior of cabinets/drawers, light fixtures and doors.

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Standard Cleaning

Our Standard Cleaning is perfect for one time or recurring cleanings to touch up your home.

Monthly Premium

A more thorough cleaning meant to give your home the little extra touch it needs. This includes vertical surface such as baseboards, window blinds, cabinets/drawers, and doors.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Our Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package is perfect for anyone who is moving locations. We will leave the home feeling brand new. Our goal is to make sure you can receive that security deposit in the scenario that you are renting.

Short Term Rental

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